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Nene Jayne Camara


Nene has created and produced performances with/for schools, club kids, friends, and for their own enjoyment. Nene originally began dabbling in producing while participating in Battersea Arts Centre’s Young Producer’s scheme, from there they launched themselves into a performance-making degree, finding inspiration from their communities, peers, and collaborators. 

Nene has worked alongside festivals, cabarets, galleries, artist-led collectives, and student unions. As their practice developed, they became more interested in deepened creative processes that attempted to create more sustained support for their communities. Structures that attempt to go beyond capitalist and imperialist designs and attempt to foster prosperity, art-making, and tenderness. 

They also co-parent two fabulous cats.

Nene smiling into the camera. They have short curly hair and are wearijng a black long sleeved top
Nene Jayne Camara (they/them)