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Simon Farid


Simon Farid is a visual artist and invigilator at a major art gallery.

He lives, works and works in London. Over the last nine years, these two careers and labours have allowed him to work with people who have critical, challenging, exciting practices. Both have led to some personally important moments, emotionally and intellectually, and many more of boredom and disappointment. He thinks both are about communicating, seeing and being seen. 

Bursary plans

During his Bursary period, Simon wants to think/work through/perform the following questions: 

How many artists need to work in an institution before it is artist-led?
Institutions are just groups of workers, arranged – right?
Why does the ethics of artmaking feel different to the ethics of wage earning?
Whatever happened to when I grow up I want to be a struggling artist?
How best to publicly exhibit things that need to be kept secret?
If a tree falls in public and nobody notices, can it have a cultural impact?
Collaboration means two different things.  

This Bursary will allow Simon to forego 306 hours of invigilating while maintaining the same £££ income. Either way he would be thinking and using his body. This way he can sit down.

Photo by the artist