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Interference 2010

Photo by Immo Klink

Interference gathers together artists, non-conformists, pissed off individuals, alternative thinkers and people who want to make and shake things up to join us in addressing and acting upon climate change, the environment and other social and political issues of the day.

A weeklong intensive artist activist training programme that aims to combine the skills that both artists and activists have in order to change the world.

Interference brings together people new to either the arts or activism or both and gives them a chance to work with some of the most prolific and inspiring people working and campaigning in the area of climate justice today.

In the past we have worked with John Jordan, The Vacuum Cleaner, Space Hijackers, Dissident island radio, Grow Heathrow, Plane Stupid, Agents of Intervention, Critical Mass, Julie Hill and Beth Whelan.

The Book
A is For Action: a glossary for arts and activisim is a book produced as part of the Interference workshops at Artsadmin, available to view and download as a digital publication.
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Interference 2010 was supported by Artists Project Earth.

Photo by Immo Klink