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The Ouroboros Recordings

Simon Vincenzi

Photo by Operation Infinity
2010 – 2011

The Ouroboros Recordings are a subsidiary of Operation Infinity. They are video recordings made within live installations that go on to have an existence of their own as well as feeding back into another live work.

An Instalment Between Times as part of Operation Infinity

Duration: 5 hrs
As an installation this work was a screening of slowed-down video footage taken from The Infinite Pleasures. It was projected onto a freestanding screen in an empty room with chairs. In one of the chairs sat a naked man, covered in glitter with a black bag over his head ‘watching’ the film. In the screen was a small hole and through that a camera filmed the audience watching this film. Commissioned by What If… Festival, 2010.

Filthy Lucre as part of Operation Infinity

Duration: 90 minutes
As an installation in which Troupe Mabuse were ‘found’ in the act of making some sort of abject translation of what a porn film might be in an attempt to earn hard currency. Commissioned by BAC. London

Naked Singularity as part of Operation Infinity

Duration: 2 minutes
Singing rubbish bags, a mentalist and a cast of thousands find themselves lost on the Barbican stage for two minutes.

Photo by Operation Infinity