The Breath Control Project

Caroline Wright  

Breathe in…
And out…
And… don’t… stop.

“A knowing, yet mysterious intelligence... a meditation on the very action that keeps us alive” A Younger Theatre

Breath Control is about the inhalations and exhalations that form the melody, rhythm and punctuation of our everyday existence.

Although breathing is universal, it is personal. It is a sustaining action that can be both conscious and subconscious, completely taken for granted and the sole focus of life itself.

So far, the project has been realised through three different artworks:

Breath Control: Notes
Breath Control: Hyperventilation
Breath Control: Osmosis

Breath Control: Notes is a durational installation where the public is invited to sing the longest note they possibly can from one breath. This single vocalised note is collected alongside data from the participant about their basic respiratory health. The collected sounds are edited into a soundscape and alongside projected analysis of their data in relation to air pollution statistics.

Breath Control: Hyperventilation blends choreography, theatre and a locally recruited Breath Choir, this performance was created in response to medical information about over-breathing and hyperventilation – more specifically the medically recommended 7 steps for healthy breathing.

Breath Control: Osmosis is a live art piece that has the physical, audible act of taking a breath at its core. Through an intimate relationship between audience and Breath Choir, the piece explores the territory of local and global air quality, and our relationship with our own breath, as gift, as voice, as life.

The project is supported by Cambridge Junction and subsidised through public funding through an Arts Council England National Lottery grant with additional in-kind support from Life of Breath, Bristol. Breath Control: Notes was originally commissioned by Space to Breathe and was shown at Somerset House as part of UTOPIA 2016. Breath Control: Hyperventilation was originally commissioned by, and premiered at Cambridge Junction as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

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Breath Control: At The Point of Perforation
Peter Pears Gallery
29.05 -01.06.19
The Coronet Theatre
Breath Control: At The Point of Perforation
Venice Biennale 2019
Breath Control
Pier Projects
Breath Control: Osmosis
Wellcome Trust Arena, Latitude Festival
Breath Control
Cambridge Science Festival, Cambridge Junction
Breath Control: Note Collection (How Long Can You Sing For?)
River Rooms, New Wing, Somerset House
Photo by Tony Millings.

Photo by Tony Millings.

Breath Control: Notes. Photo from Space to Breathe.

Breath Control: Notes. Photo from Space to Breathe.

Breath Control: Hyperventilation. Photo by Tony Millings.

Breath Control: Hyperventilation. Photo by Tony Millings.

Breath Control: Osmosis. Photo by the artist.

Breath Control: Osmosis. Photo by the artist.

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