Mem Morrison  

For one night only, Home was transformed into a magical feast of Turkish delights as Mem Morrison invited his family matriarchs to help him create a one-off performance involving traditional Turkish cooking and hospitality.
Fuel was Mem Morrison's response, through food, to the joys and complexities of being raised second generation Turkish Cypriot in London. Through a series of intimate domestic moments with his extended family, Mem came face to face with the cultural and social importance of traditional home cooking and uncovered some of the conflicts that arise from large-scale communal catering.

Fuel flirted awkwardly with passion and frustration, pleasure and the mundane. Audiences were invited to join Mem and the ladies who tought you them ancient craft of cooking and stuffing vine leaves...and of eating them!

A Home commission created and performed by Mem Morrison. Fuel was shown as part of the Culture of Cooking Salon Series at Home on 10th December 2004.

Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Photo by Hugo Glendinning

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