Mem Morrison  

Using live music, song and a crate of fresh oranges, Showroom was a poignant and original piece of visual theatre that presented the world as a catalogue of consumer desirables.
With wit and warm insight, Showroom focussed on the end of a relationship and the void that is left (save the kitchen gadgets) when one of the partners moves out. An entertaining take on the painful unravelling of failed love affairs and the role that material objects play in our emotional lives, as well as proof that you can have the cleanest kitchen in the world but it won't necessarily make you happy.

"Clever guy this Mem. If the words performance, alternative or visual arts have previously left you leaping for the nearest taxi, prepare to leap the other way"

Attitude Magazine

Created and performed by Mem Morrison and Cellist Sian Merion Jones, directed by Mark Whitelaw. Winner of the Brian King Performance Award.
Photo by Patrick Henry

Photo by Patrick Henry

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