The Suchness of Heni and Eddie

Rosemary Lee  

Choreographed by Rosemary Lee, this hybrid performance/lecture dem un-picks and exposes the layers of exploration within the creative process. An intimate duet unfolds. Intimacies, subtleties and fruitful accidents are revealed while the audience witness the dancers’ thought processes and physical challenges and hear the choreographer’s struggles and discoveries.
The Suchness of Heni and Eddie evolved out of a showing that was included in ResCen’s NightWalking conference in 2002. It was the reaction of the audience that persuaded Rosemary Lee to develop the experimental form further.

Hale and Nixon were mesmerising, transparent and mysterious all at once.
Donald Hutera, Dance Theatre Journal

In 2005 Rosemary Lee began to work with Baz Kershaw and Ludivine Allegue to make an interactive DVD The Suchness of Heni and Eddie as part of PARIP’s (Practice as Research in Performance) AHRC research project at the University of Bristol. The resulting DVD is a joint publication with ResCen Publications.

The Suchness of Heni and Eddie on ResCen
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