Could you be part of Notting Hill’s Breath Choir?

Posted on Mar 11, 2019
Photo by Rosie Powell

Explore our changing relationships to breath by participating in this very unusual choir. Artist Caroline Wright is forming a Breath Choir for her performance Breath Control, taking place in The Coronet Theatre in Notting Hill.

Directed by acclaimed soprano Laura Wright, the Breath Choir will use different types of breaths to compose rhythm, harmonies and melodies.

You don’t need any specialist knowledge, training or experience. You may have or have had respiratory problems, have an interest in singing, performing or be simply interested in the subject of breathing. We’re looking for anyone who wishes to join us!

An initial hands-on and fun taster workshop will take place at The Coronet Theatre:

Saturday 27 April 

Sign up for free here

Additional rehearsals and final performances will take place across a few Saturdays and evenings in May.

For more information, please contact Producer Cat Harrison | 0207 247 5102

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Photo by Rosie Powell



29 May - 1 June 2019
The Coronet Theatre

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