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Universality Challenge

Yara El-Sherbini

Universality Challenge by Yara El-Sherbini. Photo by Manuel Vason.

Do you want to take part in a quiz show?
Do you want to join a local Chichester team?
We are currently seeking 2 members of the local community to join a team. Would you like to take part? If you are aged between 16-85 years and interested please contact Yara El-Sherbini on
Inspired by the popular BBC programme, Universality Challenge is a game show played out in front of a live “studio” audience that playfully examines knowledge and universal experiences. Artist Yara El-Sherbini is your host for the evening, with two teams drawn from Chichester participants and students.
2010 marks the first year Chichester will have a University Challenge team on the classic TV series. Yara invites you along to see this Chichester University team battle it out against a team of locals, answering Yara’s original questions on art, life and Bognor Regis, before one team is crowned champion at the end of the evening.
Q: In 2009 what was Member of European Parliament Daniel Hannan referring to when he said that he “wouldn't wish it on anybody”?
a) Privatized ex-military security firms
b) The NHS
c) Syphilis
Q: Reportedly both Weapons of Mass Destruction and Dominoes Pizza take the same time to deliver. How long is this claimed delivery time?
Q: Last April the Canadian singer Alison Crowe was detained in Gatwick airport and then deported for not having the correct visa. In your opinion which of the following Canadian singers should be barred from entering the UK: Celine Dion or Bryan Adams?
This edition will be filmed for a video installation to be shown at New Art Exchange, Nottingham, 2011.
Universality Challenge was commissioned by Chelsea Theatre for SACRED 2008 and Radar as part of Group Process, and is touring with support from Arts Council England.
Universality Challenge is managed and produced by Artsadmin.


Date and time

11 February 2010

Please note
This is now a past event.


The Showroom