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Station House Opera

Backwards by Station House Opera

Following a six week workshop with 30 volunteers, Station House Opera explore the idea of backwardsness.
Do we believe in progress? Do we have evidence that humans improve? Evolution may operate in time, but our sensibilities do not. We must no longer see the world as one damn thing after another. Does the cause necessarily precede the effect? Perhaps criminals are striking a blow for sanity?
You’ll arrive at the end, and watch as life goes backwards to before the start, reversing the usual notions of causality, morality, will, belief and common sense.
A company that can still be well ahead of the game.
The Guardian
A BAC Scratch Commission.


Date and time

21–22 May 2010

Please note
This is now a past event.


Lavender Hill,
London SW11 5TN
Tel: 020 7223 2223