12 June - 20 November 2011

The Haircut Before The Party Salon


The Salon
26-28 Toynbee Street
E1 7NE

Thursday - Sunday. 12-6pm. Free

As the Government’s cuts affect us in different ways, The Haircut Before the Party asks; what are opportunities we have to find unity and take action today?

The Haircut Before the Party has set up a new salon in Whitechapel for six months offering locals, individuals and groups a convivial space where different discourses can meet through the act of cutting hair for free. The salon is a space where conversations are initiated, built upon, networked and mapped, a space where friendship and trust come before membership and hierarchies.

In exchange for a free haircut, they’re asking you to share your social and political views and ideas.

During Two Degrees the salon was open all week for drop-in haircuts, appointments and events, inviting participants to expand on the themes and issues raised in both the festival and the salon. The salon is now open until November and each month will be centered around a theme which came out of discussions from the previous month.

THCBTP has recently created a new reading room at The Salon on Toynbee Street. The collection comprises of donations ranging from insurrectionary texts, economic analysis and sociological theory and is available to all. You can also bring your USB stick or print off an article from the PDF archive (made possible by USB Crew and David Graeber).

Book your appointment at thehaircutbeforetheparty.net or by calling the salon on 07928072825 from midday - 6pm.

Follow @HaircutsBTP on Twitter

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