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Andrea Luka Zimmerman: Estate, a reverie

Photo by Andrea Luka Zimmerman.


As a 1930s block is bulldozed, a luxury-apartment-complex rises: tracking the passing of utopian principles of social housing, ‘Estate’ offers an unruly celebration of extraordinary everyday humanity. ‘Estate’ emerges from the community. Andrea lived on the estate for 17 years, at a time when it was allowed to fall into dereliction, both architecturally and socially. Nevertheless, this was home to Andrea and many others. Filmed over 7 years, ‘Estate’ seeks to reveal and celebrate the resilience of residents who are both stereotyped and profoundly overlooked by media representations and wider social responses. Interweaving intimate portraits with the residents' own historical re-enactments and dramatised reveries ‘Estate’ asks how we resist being framed exclusively through class, gender, ability or disability, through geography even? 

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the filmmaker around the theme of gentrification, urban renewal and the place of artists within this context.  

Created by Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Research by David Roberts, made with all the inhabitants of the building.

Released : 2014


Date and time

21 February 2015

Please note
This is now a past event.


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