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Pretend You’ve Got No Money

Alicja Rogalska

An unauthorised, undercover audio tour of your local supermarket

A person with a bob hair wearing a yellow jacket and headphone stands in a super market aisle. They are turned away from the camera and looking at the fruit and veg
Pretend You’ve Got No Money, Alicja Rogalska

Conceived to introduce disruption into daily shopping habits, the tour invites you to have a different kind of engagement with your local supermarket, treating it as a ready made scenography for a meandering, playful and mildly choreographic narrative on the politics of food production, distribution and consumption.

Amongst the subjects covered are: Bourdieu’s theory of class distinction, bread riots, political neurology of disgust, the Great Irish Famine, the role of bananas in the Colombian civil war, migrant agricultural labour, automation, climate change crops, the psychology of shopping habits and Mussolini’s ban on pasta.

Book a ticket and you’ll receive a link to download the audio from 9am on Wednesday 8 September until midnight on Sunday 12 September which you can listen to in your local supermarket.

Re-developed in 2021 by Artsadmin as part of What Shall We Build Here festival, Pretend You’ve Got No Money by Alicja Rogalska was originally designed for a local supermarket in Flemingsberg, Sweden as part of a Local Minima project with Vision Forum.

Narrated by Anna-Maria Nabirye.

Part of What Shall We Build Here, Artsadmin’s festival of art, climate and community from 8-12 September.

A transcript of the work will be available to download.

Date and time

8–12 September 2021
£5 for the audio download.
If the ticket price is a barrier for you, please contact for a free ticket.

Please note
This is now a past event.


Your local supermarket
Anywhere in the world