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Tentacular Spectacular

Oozing Gloop

A swirling gloopy wave of neon greens, blues and purples surrounds a series of photo-collage images including green jellyfish, mushrooms, straws and analogue televisions. There are smaller images of Oozing Gloop in different poses on the television screens and in the background of the waves. On the left side is a picture of Oozing Gloop, a drag artist with a black-bob wig, green face, green snake eyes, gold leaf eye make-up, fuchsia lip and gold bullring. Gloop is wearing a bronze corset with gold embroidery, with a high-neck coral neck-piece that drips over exposed breasts with coral roses covering the nipples. Gloop has a salty expression and is holding their hands as if mid-sentence.
Photo by Tomás Eyzaguirre. Editing by Esben Holk.

Curated by the world’s premier, green, autistic drag queen Oozing Gloop, Tentacular Spectacular is an (ad)venture into networking networks of narrative, phobia, hope and utopia by showcasing the self made cryptids of 21st century trans* performers.

Oozing Gloop is joined by the architect of your eternal suffering, Olympia Bukkakis. Together, these Jesters of the new Dark Age will lure you through a psycho-sexual swamp of fester, rot & future relics.

Emerging from this decay are the fruitful offshoots of this tentacular undergrowth; Shrek666, Bonnie Bakeneko and a mystery guest artist working with themes of monstrosity & mulch.  

Oozing Gloop describes herself as “the world’s premier green, autistic drag queen”. Troublesome, camp and revolting; her interdisciplinary practice born out of a life of cabaret creates a queer spectacle exploring Awe: the awful, the awesome, and the autistic.


Created by Oozing Gloop

Core Artist: Bonnie Bakeneko

Core Artist: Olympia Bukkakis

Core Artist: Shrek666

Dramaturgical Support: Olympia Bukkakis 

Creative Direction Support: Hester-Stefan Chillingworth 

Technical Stage Manager: Meg Hodgson

Set Designer: Jenkin Van Zyl

Sound Designer: Nicol Parkinson

Lighting Designer: Bryan Schall

Lead Artist Assistant: Becky Plotnek

Lead Artist Access Assistant (Germany): Sarah Binz

Meme Artist: Esben Holk

Filmmakers: Alex and Liane

Produced by Cat Harrison, Farha Bi and Aidan Strudwick for Artsadmin

Co-commissioned by Fierce, Battersea Arts Centre, Kampnagel and Take Me Somewhere

Supported with public funding from an Arts Council England’s Project Grant, the Jerwood New Work Fund, and part of the British Council’s International Collaboration Programme

  • There is a short section using strobe lighting
  • The performance involves loud music
  • The performance includes partial nudity
  • There is a section of around 10 minutes that depicts femme body mutilation and birth trauma

Date and time

13–17 June 2023

Please note
This is now a past event.


Lavender Hill
Battersea Arts Centre, London
SW11 5TN
Battersea Arts Centre