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Zoë Laureen Palmer is an artist, co-creator and human ecologist working at the intersection of the arts, health + ecology.

Her award-winning work spans live performance, installation, text + participatory events and has been programmed across the UK and internationally. Her regenerative practise explores our relationship with the more than human world, centering underrepresented narratives + knowledges through a decolonial lens. Currently she is exploring collective dreaming methodologies, care, reciprocity + future rituals.  A gentle beekeeper for 15 years, Zoë is cultivating an afrofuturist apothecary – a part real part speculative british african herb garden in response to climate breakdown.  

Zoë is currently the artist in residence at the Artsadmin Canteen.

Her project biome: microgreens and sprouts workshop will explore biodiversity in the area around Toynbee Studios.

Date Title Venue City
23 March 2024 biome: seeding workshops
20 February 2024 Community Breakfast
25 November 2023 biome ballroom: hinterlands
20 October 2023 biome ballroom: peatlands Artsadmin Canteen, Toynbee Studios
17 October – 11 December 2023 biome: forrest
29 September 2023 biome: sprouts and microgreens workshop Artsadmin Canteen, Toynbee Studios
1 July 2023 What Shall We Grow Here? Artsadmin Canteen, Toynbee Studios What Shall We Build Here
An image of artist Zoe Laureen Palmer, looking directly into the camera from shoulders up, and wearing an orange top
Zoë Laureen Palmer, by the artist