Lighthouse in the Sea of Time

Zineb Sedira  

Commissioned by Folkestone Triennial, Lighthouse in the Sea of Time is a multi-screen film/sound installation that explores two historic lighthouses in Algeria, built during French rule in the late 19th / early 20th Century.

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The film captures these imposing and exquisitely historic, architectural and political landmarks, and includes interviews with the lighthouse keepers, reminiscing about life in these isolated towers. For Zineb, this work is also a reflection on her relationship to Algiers.

"The French-Algerian Zineb Sedira’s beautiful film installation, in a disused hall space cut into Folkestone’s cliffs, focuses on the lives of lighthouse keepers in Algeria. Both venues are rarely open to the public. A visit is a good chance to make some enchanting discoveries."
Nancy Durrant, The Times


05.10 -17.12.13
Blaffer Art Museum
26.05 -25.09.12
Centre Culturel Français d’Oran
ORAN Algeria
Screen grab © Zineb Sedira

Screen grab © Zineb Sedira

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