An immersive experiment for the invention of the future, WE KNOW NOT WHAT WE MAY BE draws on cutting-edge research to 'rehearse' possible tomorrows. There is widespread recognition that the world cannot continue in the same vein displayed so far this century, but like Shakespeare's Ophelia, 'we know not what we may be'. From AI and robotics to carbon taxes and universal basic income, this performance installation explores the most transformative contemporary ideas, to ask who could we be in the future?

Over several days, the METIS artistic team join with expert speakers from economics, geography and environmental science to co-imagine a collective vision. Audiences are invited to offer their responses to what it would actually be like to live in such a future and can book for either UTOPIA or DYSTOPIA, exploring several possible consequences of future scenarios, from the delightful to the terrifying.

Led by METIS director Zoë Svendsen (World Factory), this immersive experience is created in collaboration with a variety of experts and artists and asks the audience to consider what futures we could choose to have, in a dramatically changing world.

WE KNOW NOT WHAT WE MAY BE was developed as part of the Culture & Climate Change: Scenarios Residency Programme.

@cultureandcc | cultureandclimatechange.co.uk

The Scenarios work is led by Dr. Renata Tyszczuk. Culture and Climate Change is supported by The Open University OpenSpace Research Centre, The University of Sheffield School of Architecture, The Ashden Trust, Jerwood Charitable Foundation and the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures.

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