Artsadmin makes art happen. Our vision is to be an arts lab for the 21st Century for the creation of performance, site-specific and interdisciplinary work, where the innovative, experimental and unusual are nurtured.

We do this by

  • Discovering and developing artistic talent and supporting artists at all stages of their career
  • Responding to the creativity of artists and using our expertise to help them realise ambitious ideas
  • Creating safe and supportive spaces for artistic experiment, risk-taking and development
  • Being truly collaborative; sharing knowledge and resources and creating meaningful partnerships and networks
  • Responding to the changing environment we live in; being a leader in the arts for work that addresses the issue of climate change and finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of the arts

As artists continue to question the world, to push boundaries and challenge preconceptions, our role is to help them to do it.

Artsadmin is a registered charity and receives around 50% of its annual operating budget from Arts Council England as a regularly funded organisation. Many of our projects and activities are only made possible through additional support from trusts and foundations and other sources.

We are members of: Live Art UK, the national network of Live Art promoters; ITC (Independent Theatre Council); IETM, the international network for contemporary performing arts; the Scholarships in UK IMAGINE2020 network, a network of European arts oraganisations looking at arts and climate change and ISAN, the Independent Street Arts Network.

  • Ackroyd & Harvey, The Divide, 1996

  • © the artists

    Ackroyd & Harvey, Dilston Grove, 2003

  • Anne Bean, Reap, 2004

  • Bock and Vincenzi, invisible dances...1999-2006, 1999

  • Photo by Thierry Bal

    Zineb Sedira, MiddleSea, 2008

  • Photo by Hugo Glendinning

    Curious, On the Scent, 2003

  • © Nic Sandiland

    Rosemary Lee, Remote Dancing, 2004

  • © Bob van Dantzig

    Graeme Miller, A Girl Skipping, 1990

  • © Hugo Glendinning

    Graeme Miller, The Sound Observatory, 1992

  • © Graeme Miller

    Graeme Miller, Beheld, 2006

  • Graeme Miller, Linked, 2003

  • Mem Morrison, Ringside, 2009

  • Photo: Film Still

    Gary Stevens, Slow Life, 2005

  • Photo by Minna Thornton

    Gary Stevens, And, 2002

  • © Peter Atkinson

    Station House Opera, Play on Earth, 2006

  • © the artists

    Ackroyd & Harvey, FlyTower, 2007

  • © Andrew Whittuck

    Bobby Baker, How to Live, 2004

  • © Hugo Glendinning

    Anne Bean, Toynbee Studios launch event, 2007

  • © Michael O'Brien Thumm

    Station House Opera, The Bastille Dances, 1989

  • Photo by Hydar Dewachi

    Station House Opera, Roadmetal, Sweetbread, 1998

  • Photo by Hugo Glendinning

    Gary Stevens, Ape, 2007

  • Summer Season, 2007

  • © Jaime Gorospe

    La Ribot, Mas distinguidas, 1997

  • The Seed, The Root, 1996

  • Conservatory, 1997

  • Going Bye Byes, 1992

  • Bobby Baker, Kitchen Show, 1991

  • The Navigators, 1989

  • You, the city, 1989

  • Gor Hoi, 1987

  • © the artist

    The Summit, 1987

  • © the artist

    You Strike the Woman, You Strike the Rock, 1987

  • The Carrier Frequency, 1983

  • © the artist

    Redheugh, 1980

  • Photo by Become An Image workshop team.

    DIY, 2007

  • Imagine 2020 Summer Labs, 2011

  • Photo by Tony Millings

    Various Artists, Out of Water | Caroline Wright & Helen Paris, 2012

  • Photograph by Peter McMaster

    Make Space: Summer Project 2013, 2013

  • Photograph by Hugo Glendinning.

    Curious, Best Before End, 1970

  • Photo by Oliver Rudkin.

    Nic Green, Make Space: Summer Project 2014, 2014

  • Does It Matter?, 2014

  • Illustration by Rebecca Davies.

    Ailleurs en Folie - Londres (Home and Away - London), 2015

  • Photo by Paul Blackemore for Mayfest Bristol.

    Handmade Weekend, 2014

  • 2 Degrees Festival, 2015

  • Photos by Jack Hobhouse.

    Natalie Jeremijenko: TREExOFFICE, 2015

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