What on Earth film shoot slideshow

Posted by: Cat Harrison on Apr 26, 2011
Following on from the Darwin Originals series of short films that were made in 2009 to mark 200 years of Darwin’s birth, Artsadmin and DVDance are producing another series of films called What On Earth – focusing on the economic state of the world today.
I’m lucky enough to be assisting in the production of these films, and as part of my duties I got to travel down to Beachy Head in Eastbourne for a gloriously sunny day of filming for Curious’ W.O.E film Landfill.
Landfill sees Curious artists Leslie Hill and Helen Paris sink into one of the fissures of the cliff edge – but as these photos show, it was equally dramatic being off-camera as well as on!

Cat Harrison is Artsadmin's trainee.
@catjharrison on Twitter.

Photo credits:
1. Leslie Hill and Helen Paris of Curious, down a fissure. Photo credit: Anonymous Bosch
2. Cameramen Ant and Rob and director Andrew Kotting set up. Photo credit: Cat Harrison
3. Spot the director: Andrew lines up a distant shot. Photo credit: Leslie Hill
4. Pinhole image taken from the cliff edge looking up. Photo credit: Anonymous Bosch
5. Girls on film: Ant goes for a close up. Photo credit: Cat Harrison
6. Sound designer John gets to work. Photo credit: Leslie Hill
7. All sound is recorded on location to capture the landscape as much as the voices. Photo credit: Leslie Hill
8. As wider shots are taken the crew moves back leaving Curious behind. Photo credit: Leslie Hill
9. Filming goes on chasing the light as the sun goes down. Photo credit: Cat Harrison
10. Cast and crew. Photo credit: Anonymous Bosch
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