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Sharon Fraser


Sharon Fraser is an Urban Artist from Glasgow, raised in Drumchapel, a deprived area, with a working-class family. She explores her political voice in performance through autobiographical story-telling with a strong Glasgow dialect. 

Also a Mother to four children, her work explores domesticity and draws on her experiences using Live Art as the main artery to her work. 

Recent graduate of the prestigious Contemporary Performance Practice Course, at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, she feels there is an urgent need for the working-class voice to be heard.  Sharon Fraser believes in egalitarian forward thinking, forging relationships and making human connections. At the heart of her practice is working collaboratively in different social contexts to make expressive art, giving voice back to the people and creating a platform where everyone can be heard.  An activist and feminist, her work is often described as visceral and angry at the societal pressures she feels. She believes that there is a class-divide, this is an unjust society – and she pioneers for change with her art.

“What do I as an artist feel is lacking in community? Where is the lost spirit? Where is the support? What areas are in need of support? I try to reconnect to humanity in a modern digital world: an examination of a 40 year old woman, scared by technology, bringing up four kids, experiencing a world she does not know, noticing a shift as she tries to reconnect with her urban Glasgow upbringing, tapping into her strong political feminist voice from a working-class woman’s perspective.”

Date Title Venue City
8 May 2019 BANNER Showcase Toynbee Studios
Sharon Fraser. Photo by Julia Bauer.