Rosemary Lee

Circadian, Rosemary Lee. Photo by Nicky Childs

Circadian is a durational performance involving a cross-generational cast of 24 professional and non-professional dancers.

Starting with the youngest and ending with the oldest, the same solo is performed on the hour over 24 hours or in a relay clustered into a shorter period. With moments of intensity and stillness, each dancer brings their own quality to this repeating, ritualistic performance, accompanied by a specially commissioned sound-score by composer and singer Isaac Lee-Kronick.

Continuing her passion for making work that is both intimate and yet expansive, Rosemary draws inspiration for this work from the cyclical rhythms of life that shape us whilst also highlighting the singular individuality of each performer.

“It spoke to people in a direct way without barriers, and was both of the beach and connected to the people.”

Genevieve Christie, First Light

“It has been a wonderful experience from beginning to end.”


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Date Title Venue City
1 February 2020 Threaded Fine Campus Theatre Valletta
22–23 June 2019 Circadian First Light Festival Lowestoft
Circadian, Rosemary Lee. Photo by Nicky Childs