Rosemary Lee

Rosemary Lee has been choreographing, performing and directing for over twenty years. Known for working in a variety of contexts and media, she has created large-scale site-specific work with cross-generational casts, solos for herself and other performers, installations and films.

She has increasingly worked with film and video, closely collaborating with a range of artist/filmmakers (Peter Anderson, Nic Sandiland and David Hinton). These projects have included short films for broadcast boy, greenman, Infanta & Snow, a 40-minute documentary (Dancing Nation, live performance merging with video projection (Passage & Brink) and installation (Apart from The Road & Remote Dancing).

Continuing her collaboration with Nic Sandiland they have also developed the prototype for a new video work, Weather Dances, a series of large-scale outdoor projections in which the on-screen dancer reacts to changes in their immediate environmental conditions.

Rosemary’s interest in process and searching for new contexts to present work led her to create The Suchness of Heni and Eddie.
In 2009 Rosemary returned to making large scale live work  when she was commissioned by Dance Umbrella and Greenwich Dance to make Common Dance,  working in collaboration with composer Terry Mann. Building on it’s success Rosemary has been commissioned to make a large scale outdoor performance link for over 200 dancers for Dance Umbrella 2011 in central London.

Rosemary regularly guest teaches and lectures nationally, working with children, community dance practice and in professional development.

Rosemary Lee is an associate artist at ResCen.

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