Rosemary Lee

Rosemary is a choreographer, performer and director. Over the past twenty-five years, she has created works that are resonant with humanity whether it be her live performances which are often site-specific and involve a cross-section of the community (both professional and non-professional dancers) or her short dance films.

Many of her works explore our relationship with our environment, using rural contexts for backdrops for her films (boy, Infanta, greenman), installations (Remote Dancing) and for both her stage and site-specific performances (Haughmond Dances, Pensthorpe Performance Trail, Banquet Dances, Beached and Passage).

In recent years Rosemary has begun to reflect on a more urban context, looking at cities in a new way; Common Dance (Dance Umbrella 2009) was a tribute to the now lost public ‘common ‘ land where people were free to gather, Square Dances (Dance Umbrella, 2011) used what ‘common’ green spaces we have left in London to gather in a different and innovative way. Without (Echo Echo Dance/Derry-Londonderry, 2013) continued this exploration, although this time culminated in a film installation rather than live performance.

Under The Vaulted Sky
 (commissioned by IF: Milton Keynes International Festival 2014) created for the city’s unique and beautiful Cathedral of Trees and which involved 80 local performers, marked the last in her current series of large-scale participatory works. She continues to tour the deceptively simple but powerful work  Melt Down (Dance Umbrella, London/ TantzHeilbronn, Germany/ Panorama Festival, Brazil/ Coastal Currents, Hastings) which is recreated in each new context with large groups of local non-professional performers and staged in public spaces.

Rosemary is currently developing ideas for a symposium On Taking Care the first of which she curated in 2012 at Queen Mary’s University of London. She is simultaneously working on a video installation Under the Vaulted Sky which will tour to cathedrals/churches and galleries inform 2015.

Rosemary is an Artsadmin Artist, a Research Associate at ResCen, a Work Place Artist and a South East Dance Fellow.

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